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Hey guys just found out about this awesome chance to win a special custom set of 72 copic markers not found anywhere on the market!  

Check out this link below for the giveaway - once you click on the link you have to subscribe to their email  newsletter to enter, but then you get your own share link to spread and each link clicked gives you 3 more entries to win, so it's! 

Even if you're not into copic markers, please either do it for me :love: or for yourself and sell or give away the set to someone you know will dig 'em! 


Yup, I know what you're thinking... "Wow! 100 Watchers in only 4 years!! How did you do, it Mat???" ... Well, I guess, I am just that good is all.......  But seriously, wow it's been a challenge to remain even remotely consistent on DA for some reason, and jeepers if it's ain't dang hard to get watchers that way! 

That said, I am so very grateful for the 100 watchers I do have, and it is an absolute honour that you like my art enough - however inconsistent it may be - to consider watching me for more!


I will do my best to remain more consistent here on DA and I thank you so much for your support and patience! Love you all! And here's to the next 100....000,000...!! ;P

Whoot! Just found out World Art Drop Day is tomorrow - Tuesday Sept. 6 2016!!

Basically, you hide a piece of your art (though I'd say ANY art counts for those who create things like photos and jewellery etc!) and you post about it/hints/etc on social media for someone to find and hopefully make their day a little more beautiful.

I will definitely be dropping a piece tomorrow, so if you're in the Winnipeg area and feel like searching for a drawing by moi, I'll be posting about it on the morrow.

I challenge YOU out there to do this too and we can all share in eachothers wonderful gifts!

Jake Parker created the initiative - Learn more about it at the link below and check out his inspiring works and YouTube Channel. Awesome stuff for creators of all types!

See ya tomorrow!

Happy March everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that our new post-zombie-apocalypse-sci-fi-ninja-warrior-action-thriller comic Second Seal is live on Kickstarter for the month of March and you can follow and support the comic there or on my brand new Patreon, Youtube, and our Facebook Fan Page below!

Some of the rewards on Patreon are the same as our Kickstarter, though if you pledge on Patreon, you receive my personal works and rewards as well!  And for early patrons, anyone who pledges by April will receive all tier rewards for the first 3 terms regardless of the rewards tier they choose! :la:

And of course, there's no pressure or obligation to make a paid pledge or donation, but your feedback, encouragement, and support is greatly appreciated nonetheless, so please follow, share, like, subscribe, and otherwise let me know what you think so far!

On an unrelated note, I will also be holding (and re-announcing at a later date) a commission raffle for all my watchers soon with the approach of...Bum bum bum bum! 100 watchers!!! I know, how do I do it??? :P As well as hopefully bringing back some more polls and features! If you'd like to do feature for feature, let me know in the comments and I'll gladly do so!! :D

Seriously, even though my amount of watchers is relatively "low" compared to some other artists, it truly means a lot that you follow me and my art and I want to make it up to you and provide you all with more and better content! I really want to make this fun and get involved with all my watchers more, so please get in touch with suggestions as to what you'd like to see more of in the future.

Cheers and Thanks for your support! :love:………

Hello dear friends,

Check out this New YouTube teaser trailer of our upcoming zombie/ninja comic series - Second Seal! Enjoy! :)

Art, music, and editing done by ...Moi! :D

Please like and subscribe to my channel for more on Second Seal and upcoming videos and tutorials!

You can follow and like Second Seal on our Facebook Page -


And please feel free to follow me on (and Like!) my new Facebook Fan page or on one of my other sites below!


YOUTUBE (New Second Seal Teaser!!!) --->

BLOG --->



And watch out for a Re-launch of my brand new PATREON coming soon!!!

Here's my current Patreon page ---> (I'd love your Patronage and feedback!)
:squee: "Have you ever wanted to be a ZOMBIE? :zombie: here is your chance! Second Seal Comic is providing the opportunity for one lucky winner to win an experience of a life time and be featured in our first comic as a flesh eating ZOMBIE! Enter by "Like"ing our page and sharing it! so please Enter!" :squee:

Check us out on Facebook
by clicking the link below and like/share our page for a chance to win! -…

That's right Friends!

Been a while since I've posted, but got a lot cookin' for 2016! 

One of my new projects is "Second Seal" - a brand new post-zombie-apocalypse-ninja comic series coming later this year. Written by my talented partner-in-crime and creator Will Luce and designed, illustrated, inked, coloured, and lettered by yours truly!

There will be more news to come and we will be launching a Kickstarter for the project very soon so stay posted! 

Also I just started a new Facebook Fan Page that will feature my art, music, my Youtube videos (more are on the way soon!) and all kinds of other fun stuff by, so please take the time to head over there and click "Like" to follow the page and receive updates when they're made and please leave a comment if there's anything you'd like to say or see and I'll be sure to take it into consideration!


Thanks as always for your wonderful support and I look forward to seeing you as a zombie in the first issue of Second Seal!!! :la:

Hi friends!

Just wanted to let you know that I have decided to final start a YouTube channel! I'm so excited! :squee:

Please check out my first "preview-test" video - a timelapse speedpaint of a piece I posted last week!

Let me know what you think!

The poll I have at the top of my page has been about what you guys and gals would like to see if made YouTube Videos (don't forget to vite if you haven't!) and so far it's a tie between Tutorials and All of the Above - which includes Motion Comics, Vlogs about art and design, Speedpaints etc... So I guess I'll be delving into all of it at some point! :la:

Please subscribe, watch, share, and comment below to let me know what you'd like to see in upcoming videos! I want to make all my watchers and visitors happy, so keep me informed!

I hope you enjoy viewing my first ever video as much as I enjoyed creating it! :D

Here's the image if ya didn't see it - Nosferatu (Halloween 2015) - By - Mat Andre by MatAndre

:love: And lastly DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE WONDERFUL ARTISTS FEATURED IN MY PREVIOUS JOURNAL ENTRIES BELOW! They are all awesome people, fantastic friends, and amazing creators, do give them a visit and support their amazing talents! :love:

:iconthequiet-llama: :iconsolarlunix: :iconstevemacqwark: :iconmedral:

Thanks for watching and for your support! Without which, I may have never pushed myself to do this! ;p It truly means a lot!

Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone! 

Keeping up with my artist feature, allow me to introduce Artist #4 - :iconmedral: Medral!

Medral's a talented Deviant who creates wonderful art and worlds including everything from well developed characters and races -

Eriu's races - aislaans redesign by Medral

Fantastic creatures -

Wind dragon by Medral

and even generous gifts and rewards for her fellow artists and watchers, like this Free-to-use Figure Base (Be sure to thank and credit Medral for your use of her references and bases in your work! ;))

Human base by Medral

She has recently opened an art raffle (something she's inspired me to do in the near future!) for her loyal watchers as a thank you and I urge you to join her list of watchers if you're not already, not only for the chance to win a beautiful commission, but to continue to receive the gifts of her colourful artworks in your inbox. 

Take the time to check out Featured Artist #4 - :iconmedral: Medral!

If you haven't yet had the chance, you can view my previous featured Artists :iconstevemacqwark:  :iconsolarlunix:  :iconthequiet-llama: below!

Thanks and stay tuned for more featured artists (if you want to be featured, just let me know and return the love!), and some upcoming rewards for all of my visitors and watchers!
:iconstevemacqwark: stevemacqwark is a fine deviant and gentleman that voluntarily featured me on his page out of the awesomeness of his heart, and I'd gladly like to return the favour!

Please take some time to check out some of his interesting works that involve everything from

Intense Pencil Drawings -

Kiba - Wolf's Rain by stevemacqwark

to intricate, pop culture stained-glass window illustrations -

David Hayter by stevemacqwark

to detailed graphic design, like this mock-up re-envisioning of a Playstation 1 version of Final Fantasy XIII (A series I personally have always been a huge fan of!) -

Final Fantasy XIII PSone by stevemacqwark

If you've got the time, take a gander through these interesting galleries and the unique creations of

Featured Artist #3 - :iconstevemacqwark: stevemacqwark!

If you missed my last two featured artists, check them out here - TheQuiet-Llama, SolarLunix - or their features below!

Stay tuned for more, and if you'd like to be featured, let me know! :D
Hey everyone! 

Thought I'd keep the ball rolling and keep featuring some new artists to spread more awesome works of art!

Featuring -

:iconsolarlunix: SolarLunix !

SolarLunix (Melissa) is a clearly talented, versatile, and passionate Deviant!  Her diverse galleries range from skillful traditional illustrations -
Skeletons don't read books by SolarLunix

to emotional, heartfelt poetry...

Confession of LoveThrough the light and through the dark,
with you by my side never to part.
I can stand strong because you are here.
There's no one in this world I hold more dear.

to light and magical photography!

She even creates Hand-made accesories, Tutorials and more!

Her kind-hearted comments and positive attitude are part of the reason I decided to feature her and other great artists in the first place, and I look forward to seeing more of her wonderful gifts very soon!

Please take the time to visit her site, take part in one of her polls, leave a comment or (and especially!) to view her lovely works!

:iconsolarlunix: SolarLunix - Featured Artist #2!


If you missed my previous (and first ever!) featured artist - :iconthequiet-llama: TheQuiet-Llama, please take the time to check out their wonderful works as well!

I'd love to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment below!

If you'd like to be featured in the future, please let me know! All are welcome, only rule is, you reciprocate by featuring some of my works in a journal post on your page! ;) 

Enjoy the art and Spread the :love: !

Stay tuned for more featured Artists!
Hey everyone.

In an effort to spread more awesome artwork, I figured I'd partake in this forum post -…

It's all about spreadin' the love, so  check out my first featured artist!

These are 3 of my favourite pieces by the talented artist - :iconthequiet-llama: TheQuiet-Llama

Little wings by TheQuiet-Llama Jellywish by TheQuiet-Llama Stylized bird by TheQuiet-Llama

Check her out, enjoy, and keep a look out for more awesome featured artists/work from me soon! :)
Hey World,

I just want to invite you all to follow my new art blog!

In hopes of pushing myself to constantly create and to gain some connections and followers, I  have decided it is time to start blogging!  I will be posting exclusive content including art, from rough sketches to finished pieces, links to my music, updates on what's going on around me, links to interesting videos and articles and whatever else I can think of that is fun for the both of us!

I'd love to hear your feedback or critiques on my work or feel free to just say hi! Of course, questions, new opportunities, projects and commissions are always welcome... They don't all have to be paid gigs, but I am working hard to earn a living on my talents and gifts, so if there's some compensation or some mutual benefits to be had, all the better

I have also begun a new Soundcloud site for some of my music...

There's only 5 short songs on there right now, but I will be adding more as I learn and create!

Thanks in advance for your support and I look forward to becoming friends!